HighLight Singing Studio (HLSS) is a professional vocal studio specialized in training singers in all contemporary genres.
Foundef by Iskra Milkova in 2011, certified instructor of Institute for Vocal Advancement USA and vocal coach of the third and fourth season of X factor Buglaria.

Our Mission:
• To uncover your full potential and help you achieve the best results you are capable of as a vocalist and performer
• To create an environment which enriches you vocally, musically, emotionally and artistically
• To demonstrate to you in practice that anyone can learn to sing if they want to
• To inspire you to create, experiment and improvise
• To make stars with the help of the best training and the world’s best vocal techniques


Using your voice incorrectly can lead to tension, incorrect intonation, vocal fatigue, scratchiness or even voice loss. This is why it is so important to master good vocal and breathing techniques.

The HLSS team works with a modern American method, Speech Level Singing (SLS), which will allow you to take control of your voice and use it with ease and finesse.
Through this technique, you will be able to develop and improve your skills in every aspect – tone, sound extraction, breath control, range, stamina, intonation, flexibility, interpretation etc. You will be able to use your voice dynamically in all styles, in high quality, with no damage or fatigue.