Silviya Georgieva is 25 years old, born in Yambol. She starts singing in her third grade at the annual concerts of her primary school.

A few years later she becomes a soloist at “Bijou” vocal group with Pavlina Hristova as her vocal coach. In 2016 the group gets to the semi-finals of the TV show “Bulgaria’s got talent”. Silviya participates in various concerts and competitions, winning a number of prizes and certificates in Bulgaria as well as abroad.

In 2017 Silviya graduates in Business Management at Abertay University in Scotland, where she is awarded a “Student of the year” prize for best achievements in her studies twice in a row. After 4 years in the UK without singing she decides to return to Bulgaria and to start learning pop and jazz singing. She becomes part of Highlight Singing Academy in 2018 with Mariana Stavreva as her vocal coach.

Silviya describes music as the engine of her life. It is the sparkle which brightens every single day and gives colour and beauty to each moment.