Hristina Grigoriadu has greaduated in the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov” where she studied Pop and Jazz singing. Now she is a student in New Bulgarian University. She has been singing she was very young and she has taken part in many festivals, singing competitions and in the television music format X Factor.

She inspired herself with different artists such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and many others. Music is permanent part of her life and she finds it as a way to express herself. Hristina’s favourite music genres are Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz, etc. She always strives to be different and distinctive. She loves improvising and always goes out of her comfort zone.

Her dream is to constantly improve herself as an artist and to be an influencer for the next generations with the qualities that she has. She also wants to create quality music that reaches large audience.