Simeon Skachkov was born on the 23rd of August 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He studies in the 35th SEU “Dobri Voinikov”, where he’s learning German and Russian. He has been taught English too.

He’s shown interest in several kinds of arts ever since he was very young. When he was 8 he picked up acting and in 2017 he played in the tv series “Us, yours and ours” and later on continues to take part in theatre plays.

His interest in the arts and acting activities introduced him to music, which managed to ignite passion in him, and in 2019 brings him to Highlight Singing Academy, where he picks up singing and piano. Slavin Slavchev is his vocal coach and Iliya Lazarov is his piano teacher.

He dreams of continuing to work with the arts and perform individual/personal music in front of an audience.