Vladilena Vasileva Todorova was born in 2001 in the town of Silistra. She was interested in different forms of art from an early age. She has practiced classical and modern ballet for 7 years. She likes drawing, writing poetry, composing music, and playing various instruments – piano, guitar and drums. Her biggest passion though is singing. She started taking lessons from Bonka Scorchelieva in DMC “Do Re Mi” during her first year in school. For the last three years in her hometown, Vladilena formed and was part of a few rock bands, with her being the singer. With the band “Вход Свободен“ (Free Entry) she participated in the festival “Цвете За Гошо“ (A Flower For Gosho), where she performed in front of 13 000 people.

In 2015 Vladilena was admitted to National Musical School “Lyubomir Pipkov” in Sofia with pop and jazz singing profile. She also took part in the sixth season of “The Voice of Bulgaria”, where she reached the third stage. From 2018 she has been Iskra Milkova’s student in Highlight Singing Academy. She took up modelling and acting the same year.