Velin Markov is born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Grew up in a musical family, starts piano lessons, solfeggio and is a part of children’s choir at age 6.

At the age of 9 he continues his piano lessons in the National Musical School Lubomir Pipkov. After graduating middle school, for a while he studies in GB, but music brings him back to Bulgaria. At 23 he returns to Bulgaria and starts going to vocal lessons with Iskra Milkova in her Highlights Singing Studio.

Velin becomes a part of the international European Vocal Camp in Poland, where he works hard on his vocal development and technique based on a plan by the Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA). In 2016 he is an assistant of Iskra at Highlight Singing Academy and in 2017 he is officially a part of the team of vocal coaches.

Level 1 Certified Vocal Coach in a new technique of MVT (Modern Vocal Technique). In 2017 and 2018 he is a part of the first ever vocal conference World’s Voice Teachers Expo. A year later Velin is officially a part of the team of European Vocal Camp. Alongside his vocal coaching, he is also an active artist, singer, band vocalist and actor.