Iskra Milkova was born in 1983 in the town of Shumen.

She is a School of Arts graduate, major: Piano. She was Mariana Stavreva’s student and a part of the vocal group “Stani Zvezda”. She graduated the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pencho Vladigerov” in Sofia, major Pop and Jazz singing. She holds a Master’s Degree.

She sung with group called “The Dreamers” for 8 years abroad.

In 2011 Iskra returned and settled back in Bulgaria. She worked as a performer in different bands and musical projects. In 2012 she established her own Singing Studio – HighLight Singing Studio, presently developed to HighLight Singing Academy. She is the leader of the best team of vocal and instrumental pedagogues. Due to their efforts the Academy offers high-class educational level in singing, piano, guitar and solfeggio, as well as group courses in dancing, stage performance, acting, etc.

Iskra graduated the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) level III – California and became the only IVA graduate in the Balkan region. She is also a Regional Director of the Modern Vocal Technique. Her personal goal is to introduce Bulgaria to the newest from the vocal world and help the new Generation of Bulgarian singers rise to the top and help them find their desired genre.

Iskra was a pedagogue for the Bulgarian X Factor seasons 3 to 5 and had the opportunity to work with the biggest names in the business – Sanya Armutlieva, Magarditch Halvadjian, Doni, Lubo Kirov, James Arthur, Vasil Naydenov, Zaki, Lucy Dyakovska, Maria Ilieva and many others.

She also works with the talented pop singers Mihaela Marinova, Kristiyan Kostov, Mihaela Fileva, Dara Yotova, Eva Parmakova, Yoana Dimitrova, Alma Doudal ect.

Iskra was part of Kristyan Kostov’s team as a vocal coach for his preparation for the Eurovision in 2017.

Here are some of her songs:

To my farher” – music Iskra Milkova, lyrics: Nikola Kolev
“It’s Christmas” – music and lyrics: Iskra Milkova, performed by HighLight Artists
“It’s so good” – music and lyrics: Dimitar Elenski, performed by Iskra Milkova
“I have an angel” – music and lyrics : Iskra Milkova
“Be Love” – music : Preslav Atanasov and Iskra Milkova; lyrics: ZORI and Iskra Milkova, performed by Daria Doychinova