Dalia’s working relationship with Highlight Singing Academy begins from the very foundation of the academy. The’s one of the first artists and students of Iskra Milkova in Highlight Singing Academy. Dalia gathers knowledge, is awarded with many prestigious awards from national and international singing competitions and gains experience, which she generously shares with her students. During 2015, Iskra invites her for her vocal coach assistant. An year later, Dalia has proven herself and is entrusted with being a part of the vocal coaches of the academy with her own class of talented students.

She has a various TV appearances, amongst which an Italian singing competition by the name of “Next Generation” as well as her aired not long ago involvement on the national TV show “Peesh ili lyzhesh”.

Since 2016 until today, every summer Dalia takes part in the European Vocal Camp in Poland, where she has the opportunity to meet and work with some of the best and most popular vocal coaches in the world.

She also attends the “World’s Voice Teachers Expo” – an international conference for vocal coaches, which brings together the most effective and contemporary vocal techniques. There she has the honor to work with Greg Enriquez – one of the most successful vocal coaches in Las Vegas.

In the beginning of 2019 becomes one of the 10 certified vocal coaches of the Spanish institute for coaching and development of artists “Modern Vocal Training”, that works in partnership with Iskra Milkova and Highlight Singing Academy.

During the last two years Dalia is a part of the coaching team of Highlight Academy’s own summer vocal camp, where she leads workshops on “Emotion in music” and “Music intuition and interpretation”.

Currently she is finishing her musical studies in the National music academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” with a specialty in “Pop and jazz singing”.

In December 2020 Dalia released her first original song – “Коледа” (“Christmas”).