Mihaela Fileva as a guest of Highlight Singing Academy

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During the passing month, the artists of Highlight Singing Academy had the honor and pleasure to with Sanya Armutlieva, who game a seminar on showbusiness in Bulgaria.

During this month they had the opportunity to attend another extraordinarily big and inspiring meet with one of the leading artists of contemporary Bulgarian music, namely the wonderful Mihaela Fileva. Mihaela once again talks with the students of Highlight about showbusiness, but this time through the prism of the artist. Main topics of the seminar were the cultivation of young talents, the discipline they must possess to succeed, the development of critical thinking and other important topics.

During the meet, the attendees had the unique opportunity to talk with Mihaela, ask questions and get her opinion and advice on different cases of their own interest.

Yet to come are a lot more and interesting events and gatherings, so keep following our webpage for more info!