We, the team of HighLight Singing Academy, strongly recommend that every singer has to know the language of music and to be able to play a musical instrument. That is why, except the individual singing lessons and solfeggio, you can also choose guitar and/or piano training program, combined with solfeggio.

Singing Trainings

The certified vocal coaches in HighLight Singing Academy work with the techniques SLS (Speech Level Singing), IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement) and MVT (Modern Vocal Training) thanks to which the development of the voice to its greatest capacity happens very fast and with ease.

During the singing lessons you are going to develop your voice in every aspect – sound production, color, sustain and resistance, dynamic, range, flexibility and complete vocal mastery. You are going to be able to use your voice dynamically in every music style and without any damages or fatigue. You are also going to master the art of breathing, dynamic, interpretation, improvisation, different style skills, articulation, performance and microphone technique.

The academy’s team is going to help you develop your creativity, expand your music horizons and experiment in new music styles.

Trainings in Solfeggio

Every artist that has the desire to take on music professionally, need to know its language – solfeggio. In solfeggio classes you will develop precise musical ear, sense of rhythm, dynamics, harmony and musical memory. Those skills will not only improve your singing precision drastically, but will also open new horizons to interpretation and improvisation in your musical performance.

Trainings in Guitar & Solfeggio

During the guitar and solfeggio lessons, students will simultaneously study the basics of technique and rhythm, learn improvisational skills and how to play along while singing. They will also dive into every genre of music – from pop, rock, blues and jazz all the way to classical.

Trainings in Piano & Solfeggio

In piano and solfeggio class the aspiring musicians will study the fundamental concepts of playing the instrument, which includes hand and fingering techniques, correct posture, playing position etc. They will develop musical literacy, good sense of rhythm, dynamics and most of all – good ear. Depending on the student’s personal inclinations, modern or classical pieces will be studied, as well as characteristic pop-rock ones.

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