“Artist's First Steps” Program

A fundamental programme of studies suitable for all levels of training which is meant to introduce young artists to: basic principles of performing on stage; communication and proper behaviour while working in a team; microphone technique, stagecraft and working with a sound engineer; stage presence and communicating with the audience; dealing with issues while performing; basic principles of recording in the studio; vocal care and hygiene.

“Me - The Artist” Program

A special program created for training active singers and performers in the period of three months. This program is very practical and in-depth, based on different aspects that every artist needs in order to be competitive in the music business. The program includes: developing style; emotion in singing; dancing and mobility; stage speech and articulation; performance and communication with the audience; acting in front of a camera and acting; creating a vision; interview and self-presenting; communication culture; social skills and team work; song writing.

Trainings in Solfeggio

Every artist that has the desire to take on music professionally, need to know its language – solfeggio. In solfeggio classes you will develop precise musical ear, sense of rhythm, dynamics, harmony and musical memory. Those skills will not only improve your singing precision drastically, but will also open new horizons to interpretation and improvisation in your musical performance.

“Music Intuition” Program

A program in which the students learn to break their own barriers as performers and to trust their inner voice. With the help of different exercises and activities singers convince themselves that every one of them can improvise freely thanks to their intuitive feeling and understanding of music, rhythm and harmonies.

“Mini Groups” Program

A vocal group made up of several solo singers, who like to sing and dance together, to harmonize, to develop their music hearing and to perform vocal, arranged songs and acapella. In the music industry many successful formations, such as Destiny’s Child, TLC, SWV, Little Mix and many more, started their professional career as mini groups.

Dancing Lessons

We’re all witnessing how in modern times a singer’s performance on stage requires more than just good vocal ability and technique. Nowadays the audience values an experience that stimulates all senses.

Here’s why at HighLight Singing Academy, we give future music artists the opportunity to acquire essential motor skills, improve their physique in a way that they can spice up their performance with the ability to dance.

How do we achieve that? Through monthly courses in modern dancing techniques, whose sole purpose is to build the artists’ sense of rhythm, flexibility and coordination in unison with a musical piece.

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