History & Introduction

The Founder

I am Iskra Milkova – the founder of HighLight Singing Academy. I was born and I grew up in the town of Shumen, where my mother – Mariyana Stavreva – used to lead her own music studio “Become a star”. It was there, when for the first time in my life, with the guidance of my mother and together with the other students of hers, I got my first professional knowledge and skills in music and I fell in love with singing.

I studied „Pop and Jazz Singing” in the National Academy of Music in Sofia. A few years later I also graduated in the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) in the USA and Modern Vocal Training (MVT) and I became a certified vocal coach in their techniques and methods.

Thus I had the chance to dive deep into singing, stage performance and way of teaching from different angles – classical and modern, as an individual and in a group, but still having the solid foundation of my mother.

The Academy

HighLight Singing Academy is my personal project, my way to share everything I have learnt during the years with the younger singers. I want them to know how to appreciate their voices and how to control them. I want them to be able to show and develop their whole singing potential and to extract all the best from their artistic talent. I want them to be real stars – behind the microphone and on the stage.

Of course, I don’t do all of this alone. I am together with my mother, my sister and 12 more vocal coaches who are not only perfect professionals in love with their job, but also kind-hearted and very talented people. All of us consider ourselves as one big family in which we happily accept our students from all ages, too.

Our Mission

  • To find the whole potential of the singer and to develop it to its full capacity in every aspect needed to a professional singer.
  • To establish a creative and emotional environment, which helps our students develop not only their vocal abilities but also their personality.
  • To inspire young talents to create, to search for their own way, to experiment, to improvise, to dream fearlessly and to accomplish their goals.
  • To encourage the good taste of music and to establish a “web” of young musicians who can help each other someday in their music development and way of creativity.

Our Methods

In HighLight Singing Academy we have the best out of different methods and techniques.

On the one hand, Iskra Milkova and her sister Joanna Stavreva have the knowledge of their mother – Mariyana Stavreva, who already teaches in Sofia together with them. On the other hand, they graduate in the National Academy of Music. Iskra also completes the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) in the USA and Modern Vocal Training (MVT), which enriches their knowledge with innovative ideas, methods, attitude and skills in the modern music show business.

Singers are learnt to sing easily, freely and with their natural voice, evenly from the lowest to the highest note of their range, without flips, in all the dynamics, with tone clarity and flexibility. They develop their breath control, resistance, resonance, vocal strength and quality in every music style, without any fatigue or harm.

Our vocal coaches never stop searching and studying new methods as they believe that this is the best way to be most useful and helpful for their students.

About the Academy

HighLight Singing Academy is a professional, private academy, specialized in the tuition of music talents in all modern music styles. The academy is the only one in Bulgaria with certified vocal coaches from the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) and Modern Vocal Training (MVT).

After years of working, the academy is still very successful. This is a fact thanks to the unique technique which combines the classical foundation, the modern upgrades and the personal experience of the vocal coaches itself.

This is not everything, For the academy’s team the most important thing is the love for music and the love for each other, the family comfort and the friend support. And that is exactly the atmosphere that every single student works in with their vocal coach in HighLight Singing Academy.

Because the art is emotion before anything else, isn’t it?

Our Team

HighLight Singing Academy has a strong team of professionals, committed, motivated and in love with our craft. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, we create art together with the young singers and musicians, broadening their vocal ability, teaching them good taste in music, sense of beauty and attention to detail. We discover their potential and help them achieve their best results by supporting them on their own musical journey. With an insatiable desire for new knowledge and skills, we constantly keep ourselves informed and aware of the latest trends in vocal mastery and music in general.

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