The Incredible Benefits of Singing

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Singing is an inseparable part of human life since the distant past. As a part of working, church service, fun and games, sleep lullabies, singing under the shower or professionally, it’s a part of the day to day life of people until recent times.

Apart from the pleasure it brings, singing has tremendous neurological, emotional and cognitive benefits. They are as follows:

1. People who sing are happier

While singing, the body produces hormones, that makes us feel good.

These hormones are called Endorphin and Oxytocin, often referred as the hormones of happiness. Endorphin is related to the feeling of pleasure and Oxytocin is the hormone that is said to increase the feeling of trust and decrease of worry and stress, therefore people who sing often are more satisfied, serene and happier.

2. People, who sing are healthier

As a result of the deep and active breathing needed whilst singing, the oxygen supplied to the body increases. That leads to cleansing of the body, release of toxins (as the lymph system is stimulated) and reduce of stress.

The blood circulation is improved and the intake of oxygen to all the organs. Breathing is “responsible” for 70% of toxic cleansing of the body, which on its own boost immunity and helps combatting disease.

Other positive health related aspects of singing are that it calms the body down, decreases blood pressure, stimulates the thyroid, which helps balance metabolism, helps with asthma, bronchitis and betters sleep.

3. Betters mental health

Singing is a natural stress relief!

Studies show that people, who sing often are with higher levels of emotional stability, as well as lower tendency towards depression and fear, have lower levels or cortisol, which leads to less tension and better mood.

4. Better brain function

Singing is one of the activities, in which the two hemispheres of the brain are activated!

Many of the brain’s centers are stimulated simultaneously while singing, which sharpens cognitive abilities. While training their voices, singers also train their mind in concentrating on a task and not get distracted. That develops the ability to hold focus for longer periods of time. Develops memory through learning lyrics and melodies, encourages creativity and enriches the imagination.

5. Improves communication

Singing regularly improves the speaking voice, articulation, speaking pitch and confidence of tone. Neurologically, people who sing regularly handle the stress of speaking on stage in front of others considerably better than those, who don’t.

I would also add the fact that people who sing on stage have their self-esteem and confidence boosted!